These gorilla strength bag tags are the very ones the British Armed Forces use to identify their kitbags and bergens from the desert to the jungle.

How we came about

Silverbacktags was born as a company late one night in Southern Iraq from the experience of two aircraft landing in Basra. The heavily laden aircraft arrived with 200 troops and their kit for the next 6 months. The bags in question were Standard Military Issue black kitbags.

Unceremoniously dumped onto the airfield tarmac, a mountain of identical bags appeared! Under torchlight the soldiers began to unzip the bags to find out whose was whose. Unfortunately for them, each one contained the same desert camouflage uniforms and helmets – only the underwear gave it away! Not a pleasant thought…

Silverbacktags was the answer; personalised and extremely rugged they are the bag tag of choice.

Suitable for travel companies, airlines, school satchels, sports bags, suitcases or rucksacks. Or do you just want to stand out from the crowd?

We have 3 designs, each with different colour combinations

Corporate Customers

Want a larger than average quantity of completely customised silverbacktags for your comany or school?

No Problem! Just email to discuss your requirements